Night Kade

At the stroke of midnight, exotic street delicacy aromas scent the breathtaking waterfront Eden of the ‘Waters Edge’.

The Menu

Inspired by the nocturnal, the ‘Night Kade’ creates a starry, exotic atmosphere to stave off your midnight munchies. Cherished local treats like Milk Rice, String Hoppers and Roast Paan (village style roast bread) and street favourites like Roti and Paratha sit alongside their best mates – Coconut, Onion Relish and Chili Sambols; as well as; island-flavoured Chicken, Dhal, Fish and Potato Curries. Slicing up luscious chunks of chopped bread, meat, vegetable, egg and cheese – a griddle turns out Chicken, Fish, Egg, Cheese, Mutton and Veggie Kottu, Sri Lanka’s signature street carb-fest.

The Experience

Set against a backdrop of breathtaking water works, the ‘Night Kade’ keeps open its doors, from midnight until the wee hours of morning on Fridays and Saturdays. Framed by lush flowering gardens of the ‘Waters Edge’, this night owl’s hangout combines a warm, tropical atmosphere with seating under stars.

Scoop up spicy chicken curry with roti, on a tropical night. ‘Night Kade’, for that midnight carb fix…

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Sri Lankan Street Food

Starting price

LKR 1250 Upwards

Business Hours

12.00am - 03.00am, Saturday

12.00am - 03.00am, Friday


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