Hansa Café - The Blue Swan

‘Hansa Café - The Blue Swan’ is a specialty coffee lounge and shop in the hub of the commercial capital of Colombo, tucked away on a side street. A quaint boutique shop that sells aromatic brewed coffee within.

The Menu

The menu consists of all things that pair perfectly with the smooth, chocolaty and rich flavours of Hansa Coffee birthed in the cool climes and luscious highlands of Nuwara Eliya, in central Sri Lanka. Hansa Coffee is the island’s first gourmet coffee with a fragrant history of over 150 years.

The food choices range from Toasted Sandwiches, Cakes for the Day, Coffee Drinks, Hansa Hot and Cold Beverages, Tea and Dark Chocolate Drinks. Try the Toasted Cheese and Tomato, the Toasted Cheese and Tamarind or the Marmite toasty; one can never go wrong.

Chocolate Cake, Signature Chocolate Brownies with Ice Cream, an All Butter Cake and Victoria Sponge await in sweet delight. Waffle down Hot Waffles with warm Butter and Palm Syrup or pick your favourite accompaniment from choices such as Seeni Sambol to Hansa Dark Chocolate and Strawberries and Cream.

Wash it down with sips of Milk Coffee, Coffee with Spices or the Spiced Cappuccino. Hansa Cold Drinks range from the Mocha Shake, Espresso Iced or the Chocolate Protein Shake with Peanuts. The Hansa Dark Chocolate infused drinks are a must try; indulge in the warm, flavourful notes of Hot Chocolate.

The Experience

Step into an air-conditioned, cozy little room with comfy seating that gives out a home-like vibe with free WiFi. A place not only to satisfy those thirst and hunger cravings but a venue to sit in, plug in your laptop and get some work done or dive into your favourite book. Warmly welcoming, just like the aromatic brand it stirs up, it is undoubtedly a refreshing, invigorating and wholesome coffee experience.

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Sri Lankan (Snacks/Desserts/Hot and Cold Drinks)


Starting price

LKR 250 Upwards

Business Hours

10.00am - 07.00pm, Monday to Friday

10.00am - 06.30pm, Saturday


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