Geek HQ

‘Geek HQ’, an exclusive haven and restaurant for geeks, is now open in the action-packed, buzzing streets of the Colombo metropolis. A venue inspired by the action figures of the past, present and possibly the future, a place pretty much for anyone who fancies comfort food, science fiction, fantasy, books, comics, movies and collectibles.

The Menu

The menu at ‘Geek HQ’ is inspired by popular comics, games, TV shows and movie characters. It comprises of a colourful and tasteful bunch of smoothies, coffee, milkshakes, salads, sides, desserts and a range of mains, all at your fingertips displayed on either a regular menu, the Superhero Snack Menu or The Pandawan Menu.

Appetizers such as the Ballad of the Village Bard and the League of Assassins, entertain the palate with their grilled and sushi flavours, while Salads infuse a rush of healthy energy with the Speed Force Dash and the Cimmerian Salad. Need something on the Side? Give The Burton Sureshot a go!

Mains come in the way of The Hall of Justice Special, a choice of chicken, beef or veggie Sate, lathered in BBQ sauce and accompanied by herb grilled vegetables, potato wedges or rice. If you are in more of an action-packed mood, It’s Clobberin’ Time is the ideal whopping burger for you.

Desserts thrill with The Dark Knight, a delightful chocolate inspired concoction for the chocolate lovers and the Devourer of Worlds; a Hot Brownie is on call. Hot and cold beverages such as The Force or The Winter Soldier are guaranteed to do their duty. The Specials shake you up in flavours of Banana and Peanut Butter milkshakes while a burst of fruit-inspired mocktails entice. Mojitos and coffee are an exhilarating choice of beverages to pick on.

The Experience

By the Geeks for the Geeks. The first geek-themed restaurant in Sri Lanka that captures the rising popularity of geek culture on the island. Action figures, colourful posters and paintings splashed on the walls, in an all Geek-themed interior. The music in the background elevates the chilled out ambience. Wooden chairs, couches and an outdoor smoking lounge make it a comfortable and modern venue. Chill after all that action and adventure in navigating the Colombo streets; dash over to the ‘Geek HQ’.

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Starting price

LKR 500 Upwards

Business Hours

03.00pm - 11.00pm, Tuesday

11.00am - 11.00pm, Wednesday to Sunday


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