WNPS Public Lecture

The June edition of the monthly seminar will see a field veteran of acclaimed prestige delve into the topic of climate change; one of the most significant environmental challenges to tamper with nature since the Industrial Revolution. Hosted by the ‘Wild Life and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka’, the lecture opens its doors to one and all, in a bid to collectively enlighten and inspire the general public and wildlife conservationists themselves, of the pressing issue of unpredicted changes in the weather which in turn effects not only a small area of the world but the entire Earth as we know it.

Why You Should Go

Dive into an insightful lecture conducted by Dr. Erandathie Lokupitiya, former Research Scientist at the Department of Atmospheric Science and now lecturer at the ‘University of Colombo’. The seminar focuses on the effects climate change has had across the world, requiring immediate and efficient action and solutions on international, national and local level. Despite such collaborative efforts however the key question remains as to what would be the extent to which one can minimise the devastating effects of climate change and what more action is needed to be done? The ‘WNPS Public Lecture’ keys in on this very point, as aptly delivered by Dr. Erandathie. Join in and discuss on how best the crisis can be effectively dealt with and to protect the environment we live in.

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