Vet Expo

In line with the mandate to make known the vital positions which the furred and feathered as well as the veterinarian profession hold in society, the ‘Vet Expo’ makes its way to the ‘Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall’ (BMICH). A collective of veterinary, industrial and health professionals as well as wildlife conservationists gather at the ‘Nugasevana’ and ‘Mihkathamadura’ halls, stepping in as the strength of Sri Lanka’s first ever national exhibition and trade show; student or professional should you be, step in for a walkthrough of local community offerings.

Why You Should Go

Spread out across BMICH will be approximately 80 indoor and outdoor stalls; retailers and service providers table up offerings on the scopes of Dairy, Poultry and Veterinary Equipment and Supplies whilst hospitals and clinics spring forth varied Veterinary services. Make the most of key networking opportunities and discover the field’s latest.

The furred await kind homes; the event doubles as a base for pet lovers to meet their new lifelong companions. Additionally slipping into the line-up will be dog shows, showcasing canine breeds such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Labradors and Mini Breeds.

Garner crucial insight from field professionals on animal welfare, zoonotic diseases, safety and food hygiene and the bond between human and animal. Discover pressing wildlife issues with educational sessions facilitated by government and wildlife conservation organisations.

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