The Clairvoyants

From the stage of one of the biggest talent shows in the world, 'America's Got Talent' on which their act left one of the strongest critiques of all, Simon Cowell, speechless and won them 2nd place, the duo mentalists also known as 'The Clairvoyants' touch base with the Sri Lankan stage on April 4th. Backed by the hospitality chain 'Cinnamon', the illusionists unveil a mind-reading prowess of sheer talent, pushing the mind’s boundaries to its very limits.

Why You Should Go

Of Austrian beginnings, the duo introduced their art of "second sight" onto the global stage in 2003; what followed after was a slot with one of the largest touring magic shows in the world "The Illusionists", headlining at "Illusionists: Turn of the Century", the best-selling magic show in the history of Broadway and were awarded varied coveted accolades including the 2015 "World Champions of Mentalism", a feat unachieved for 30 years.

Step into an eve of mystique as Thommy Ten and Amélie Van Tass take you through their routine of story-telling, mentalism and magic tricks. The names behind astounding mentalism feats, be it detailing the specifics of an audience member’s personal belonging or experience or executing illusions of enthrall, the duo strongholds a record of rendering the skeptic doubtless and the magic enthuse indulged in a new perspective on the workings of magic and mentalism.

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