Tea Katha with Mahas

As three professionals step behind the mic to deliver their word on the 21st century art of Communication, educate in the vitality of a business ingredient which is constantly overlooked. "Tea Katha with Mahas", the second in what will soon be a series of talks on Communication, is played host to by one of the speakers himself, Mahas Murshid, founder of 'Interventionz Consultancy'. Slot in an eve of casual talk amid fellow corporates, over a refreshing cup of tea on the topic of "Messaging Millennials".

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Lined up as the eve's speakers will be Shannon Miso, a Teacher and Actor, Sashane Perera, Manager of Project Management at ‘MAS Holdings’ and Theatre Director as well as Mahas Murshid, who is additionally an Executive Coach and Public Speaker. Settle back as the figures explore the differences in view, thought process and habit between the older generation and the younger; an overlooked hurdle in the midst of corporate pitches, business negotiations and dealings in general. Drawing on their own experiences and years of expertise in their own fields of specialty, the speakers delve into the best means of communicating with the younger generation, additionally coined as "millennials". Followed after will be a key networking session: head over to the streets of Colombo 3.

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