Talking Out LOUD with Nigel Wayne White

“With Great Comedy Comes Great Responsibility”: sprung alive with the art of stand-up, the makeshift stage packs in a line-up of hilarious, crowd-roaring fifteen minutes of pure skit. Gathered at the latest haunt in town, ‘Geek HQ’, are the artists themselves, the stand-up enthuses and those who simply to wish to wind down on a Friday Eve with some good old fashioned, rib-tickling comedy. Drop by; what better way to wrap a week than the tempting thrill of stand-up?

Why You Should Go

Stepping in as a skilled artist himself will be Nigel Wayne White, local actor and comedian, along with a line-up of stand-up talents, dressing up varied topics in a sheen of relatable humour. Founded as a performance base for the local stand-up community, to showcase their material and gain a following for themselves, this stand-up show in Colombo packs in a line-up of fresh, innovative creative content, speaking on everything from personal experiences to ethnic differences and academic life. Expect diverse stand-up experiences with no boundaries placed on content or language. Performance slots will be available on-site as well. Grab a bite off the ‘Geek HQ’ menu and redeem LKR 200 off your final bill; indulge in stand-up’s best.

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Mar 21, 2019
Apr 18, 2019


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LKR 500

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