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Meet the consultants of ‘Students First’ to explore educational options standing tall on United Kingdom ground. Tucked away on the scapes of Colombo 3, the educational agency steps into the role of Guide in assisting students with choosing the perfect higher education fit. With a portfolio of award-winning universities and institutes to choose from and attractive, exclusive on-site offers made available, this consultancy session introduces one to the next phase of their education in the vibrant United Kingdom.

Why You Should Go

Stop by and discuss your options; on the table are internationally recognized qualifications made possible with affordable fees. Backed by 15 years of expertise, the consultants take you through application and visa processes, completely free of charge. Scholarship opportunities for Masters’ and Bachelors’ Degrees are presented for high achievers in a bid to make foreign education more accessible and convenient. Discover the scopes of education; from business to information technology and from hospitality to the sciences. Added to the Masters’ pathway, will be a paid work placement for the duration of 1 year.

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