Sri Pada Visit and Cleanup Project 2019

Embark on a rigorous expedition up the fifth tallest mountain peak on the isle: at a staggering 2,243 metres high, the legendary 'Adam's Peak'. Renown for housing 'Sri Pada', the rock formation believed to be Lord Buddha's footprint, the mountain has been marked for its religious significance, with over 2 million people trekking up its slopes each year, leaving behind a massive accumulation of litter and debris in their wake.

Join in the hundreds of faith and non-faith followers, supporters and green-finger enthuses as they journey from cosmopolitan Nugegoda to the Central Highlands, in a bid to reduce the strewn debris and keep it litter free for the younger generation.

Why You Should Go

With trek essentials in hand, make your way over to the Nugegoda meeting point at 6.00am; the journey takes the Ratnapura - Palabadda route, enters Palabadda by 11.00am and reaches Galwangediya Ambalama by 8.00pm. Re-hydrate and refresh for the night at the famed resting area 'Galwangediya Ambalama', with the ladies being provided rooms and begin the anticipated expedition up the mountain at 2.00am.

Accomplish one of the most significant travel feats on the isle; reach the summit of 'Adam's Peak', a vantage point affording breathtaking overhead views of low-lying terrains and village life for miles. On its descent, hordes of litter greet, spontaneously discarded by pilgrims and trekkers on earlier visits; collect non-biodegradable waste, such as polyethene, bottles and food wrappers and reduce further environmental pollution by discouraging the practice of littering on trek. The expedition is expected to wrap up at 5.00pm and reach the city of Nugegoda by 8.30pm.

General Information

  • Trek essentials will be a small torch or headlamp, preferred medical facilities including Paracetamol and balm, warm clothing or a jacket and a cap which shields the ears, an additional pair of clothes (optional), warm gloves and socks, a sleeping bag or a sheet or blanket, sufficient F&Bs as well as walking boots or footwear which offers comfort and thermal insulation. Pack in a raincoat if possible and a sheet to wrap up the belongings in.
  • On reaching the summit, all participants will receive a free T-shirt; online registrations to confirm participation and T-shirt size can be done at
  • Due to the site being of religious significance, it is requested that one be mindful of one's attire and the type of clothing packed, including shorts and colourful apparels.
  • The cost for one participant, for transportation, accommodation and medical facilities, will be LKR 800.
  • The meeting point will be opposite the ‘Pizza Hut’ located at Nugegoda.
Title image by: Leo Club of Colombo Knights The information displayed is provided by Sri Pada Visit and Cleanup Project 2019


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