Richmond College vs Mahinda College - 114th Lover’s Quarrel

‘The Richmond-Mahinda Cricket Encounter’ was initially played in 1905 with the principals of the respective schools acting as umpires. Fondly referred to as the ‘Lover’s Quarrel’, the event has eventually seen some of the most impeccable feats in Big Match history take place, such as the scoring of an all-round century, the achievement of the highest individual score by a batsman and the record of the most scored centuries in the Big Match. Make your way over to the ‘Galle International Stadium’ as the latest cricketing battle in Richmond and Mahinda history unfurls.

Why You Should Go

Marked as one of the longest cricket series in Sri Lanka, with 114 years of sporting history behind it, ‘Lover’s Quarrel’ has slotted itself as an event anticipated year-long on school calendars, with the days leading up to the Big Match itself sprung alive with grandiose vehicle parades in celebration. As the 2019 cricketing encounter branches across a Test Match and a Limited Overs Cricket Match, witness the teams go head to head over the coveted title. With the last win claimed by Richmond College being in 2015, following which were 3 consecutive draws, enthrall in a game which will see the streak either continued or broken.

General Information

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Event info

Combined Vehicle Parade For Both Colleges

Mar 10, 2019

Richmond College Vehicle Parade

Mar 13, 2019

Mahinda College Vehicle Parade

Mar 14, 2019

Test Match

Mar 15, 2019 - Mar 16, 2019

Limited Overs Cricket

Mar 23, 2019


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