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From a chance meeting in a record store in 2006 which discovered their collective turntable spark to being the names which kicked off international world tours, distinguished collaborations and performance opportunities in famed musical arenas, the duo ‘Prok and Fitch’ have been marked as one of the most respected and masterful vehicles of spin-tabling in electronic music. In town on April 27th for a spin of their prodigal talent on island ground, the duo promises a dynamic line-up of electrifying Tracks, fused seamlessly with the Beat which got the world talking.

Has the weekend ever looked better? We think not.

Why You Should Go

A series of impressive musical feats including their track ‘Sheeple’ claiming the No.1 spot for 10 weeks, have earned themselves the title as one of ‘Beatport’s’ highest selling artists. As the duo clocks in at ‘Sugar Beach’ in anticipated performance of their latest, a perfect balance of the intricacy which pure Tech music is noted for and the electrifying punch which kicks in the dance floor step, indulge in a dynamic set bursting with energy and Beat, melded with the unmistakable trademark pulse of ‘Prok and Fitch’.

That’s not all of course. A musical maelstrom at its finest, the session additionally packs in performances by turntable artists of native locale; Van Luup, Shiyam, Asvajit and Ramal. Settle back on cosy loungers, delightfully strewn on the golden sands and bask in a setting of tropical vibes, seaside bliss and an eve of exhilarating music and designed, designed purely for you to kick back, relax and sink into the beat.

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