A festival that holds tremendous historical and religious importance to the Buddhists in Sri Lanka, Poson Festival commemorates the arrival of Arahat Mahinda to the island during the 3rd century BC and the conversion of King Devanampiyatissa to Buddhism.  What began as a mission to spread Buddhism succeeded at this rock outcrop and resulted in the King embracing Buddhism along with the rest of the island. 

This festival that bears monumental significance celebrated on the full moon of June with jubilant festivities, marks an initiation and evolution of a civilisation which is said to have had an impact on environmental and spiritual awareness.

During the Poson season, the Mihintale ancient monastic complex in close proximity to the ancient city of Anuradhapura is lit with vibrant pandols, varicoloured flags and luminescent lanterns.  At night-time, the streets of this historical city are occupied by vibrant pageants with exotic dancers, fire-eaters and splendidly adorned elephants.

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Jun 27, 2018


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