Mini Colombo

A mini cosmopolitan, a down-size of Colombo’s multi-faceted commercial precincts. Taking shape on Green Path is a retail experience with a mandate to make shopping in Colombo faster and a more efficient means of checking varied needs off your checklist. ‘Mini Colombo’ caters to the diverse cultures, everyday needs and preferences as well as palate refreshes of the local community. Hosted by ‘Cygna Events’ for the first time in Sri Lanka, the event offers a rundown of the isle’s latest offerings on the retail scape, with its focus predominantly shifted to Ramazan needs, in light of the upcoming festival.

Why You Should Go

Branching across 5 Zones, F&Bs, Shopping, Fun and Entertainment, a Ramazan Open Area and Sports, the event is a collective of diverse offerings and features.

On the culinary front, approximately 20 to 30 vendors break out mouthwatering sweets and savouries including festive classics. Give in to the aromas of scrumptious goodness and indulge. The retail space speaks of home-based or entrepreneurial talent and businesses, offering everything from clothing and footwear to cosmetics and household items. Make the most of the Sports zone which lays out related products and services, exclusively for the needs of an adrenaline junkie or sports enthuse.

On-site activities enthrall; a soap football beckons, with slots available for 32 teams to battle it out amidst slippery floors, while the giant screen set up plays out anticipated sports matches including those of the World Cup and documentaries on some of sporting history’s renowned legends.

Step into the Ramazan Zone, where an ifthar session beckons; as Arabic recitals sound, tuck into traditional dishes in a setting presented in such a way so as to immerse one in the very essence of Islamic culture and religion. In the immediate surroundings, retailers offer services and features associated with Islamic prayer sessions and religious observances await; from mehendi stalls (temporary henna tattoos) to vendors serving up customary dates and congee (a form of rice pudding).

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May 25, 2019 - May 27, 2019


Shopping and Exhibitions

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