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Positioned as a focal point at which key figures from across the world share their perspectives on the trove of culture, heritage and history to which Sri Lanka is home, the ‘Living Heritage’ conference is hosted in a bid to collectively learn, unearth and discover how best the country’s monumental portfolio of heritage features and attributes can be further promoted and sustained.

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Leading experts and professionals from the countries of India, Maldives, Italy, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Sri Lanka itself, gather at the holds of the ‘Galle Face Hotel’, speaking on the vitality of immersing in and nurturing the isle’s architectural and urban heritage. The event’s underlying mandate is to make known the art of Sri Lankan heritage; how it evolves and grows with constant engagement. Settle in, as the topics flow onto heritage conservation and sustainable city planning.

Speakers for the eve will be renowned names in the fields of architecture, urban planning, research and activism; Françoise Crémel, Channa Daswatte, Varuna de Silva, Asoka de Zoysa, Anne Feenstra, Mauroof Jameel, A.G. Krishna Menon, Ludovica Serafini, Stephane Paumier, Iromi Perera, Ganga Rajinee Dissanayake, David Robson, Alicia Schrikker, Giles Tillotson and Marie-Hélène Zerah.

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