Kidney Walk 2019

Fall in step with the masses moving through the streets of Colombo 7; in light of the March 14th World Kidney Day, this walk doubles as an awareness initiative and a fundraiser to reduce the likelihood of Chronic Kidney Disease diagnosis. A collaboration between the 'Rotary Club of Colombo Central' and the 'Rotary Club of Colombo', the event beckons those diagnosed and those keen to support, to walk united and achieve a fund target that helps save as many lives as possible.

Why You Should Go

Commencing from the cobblestoned 'Arcade Independence Square', the walk takes one through the bustling precinct of Colombo, rehashing the gravity of Chronic Kidney Disease to the general public. Educate in the hundreds of underprivileged individuals in rural areas who're exposed to varied illnesses, by the daily consumption of polluted water. Make your contribution to an invaluable cause: raised funds will build health screening camps in Padaviya, Madawatchichiya, Horawapathana and their surroundings, to screen 2,000 farmers and identify those who are likely to fall victim to Chronic Kidney Disease or Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Aetiology and to give the necessary medical guidance.

General Information

  • Participation in the walk is free of charge. Registrations can be made at
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