Kala Pola 2019

Feast your eyes on the talents of Sri Lanka’s very own. A delightful art fair that draws its inspiration from al fresco art fairs in Europe including the renowned Montmartre in Paris, ‘Kala Pola 2019’ calls out to many an art aficionado. Having evolved into and made its mark as a rich cultural event over the years, the art exhibition celebrates its 26th edition at the bustling ‘Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha’.

A concept founded by ‘The George Keyt Foundation’ and which debuted in 1993, ‘Kala Pola’ makes for a walkthrough of local art, offering both locals and foreigners an artistic glimpse of Sri Lankan talent as framed out on the canvases of paintings.

Why You Should Go

As paint maestros and art enthuses flock to Colombo 7, creative expressions of and from all walks of life colour up the streets. Indulge in varied artistic styles, be it the contemporary, classical or abstract, exclusively catering to needs and preferences of all kinds. The fair, a platform across which artists discover and network amongst peers and unveil portfolios of sheer talent under the public eye, is based on the mandate to sustain the arts and to provide artists from all parts of the isle with financial opportunities. Stroll through propped up brush-strokes of brilliance; take home a blend of story-telling and colour and indulge in a celebration of culture and art.

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