House of Grace Open Mic Night

Of ‘House of Grace’-hosted events, ribbed in convivial tunes and soulful bliss of all that’s music and poetry lies the ‘Open Mic Night’, a beacon for the isle’s beat and literary-enthuse to showcase talent, mingle and collectively indulge in. An emerging titan in performing arts, Grace Wickremasinghe, concurrent host, literary figure and the name shortlisted for the ‘Gratiaen Prize’, brings to you yet another eve of music and literary works; a treasure trove of to-be-discovered originals or covers, personified by the varied artist or poet.

Why You Should Go

Cementing a public base on which Sri Lankan performers, budding and professional, step into the spotlight, this open mic night in Colombo locks in on raw, fresh talent, an in-demand aspect of the Sri Lankan music scene. Come March 17th, 2019, stage-familiars and timeless classic lovers make their way over to ‘Choco Luv’, a delightful little coffee shop tucked away on Flower Road, as instrumental beats and delightful poetry fill the air. A promise of acoustic music and the spoken word, the eve’s line-up brims with enthrall and intrigue. Entice in exclusive spins on popular hits or having reserved your slot, step behind the mic yourself.

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