Festival of Trees - for Young Lovers of Nature

Home to hundreds of greens towering and small, the ‘One Earth Urban Arboretum’ is a mini forest of its own, dedicated to the conservation and growth of plant life; opening its doors to children on March 31st for an on-site educational session. Falling on a week prior to ‘International Forest Day’, the session takes one through the many diverse facets of nature which stands tall on ‘Arboretum’ ground, in a bid to educate and garner awareness of the enthralling world of plant life.

Why You Should Go

A walkthrough of over 500 trees; as experts and professionals speak on the specific features and attributes, immerse yourself in nature as you step onto a forest patch abundantly flourishing in the midst of the city’s cosmopolitan. The butterfly garden brims with fluttering specks of colour; stroll on through and discover the details of their lifecycles and rarity. Tucked away in the ‘Dilmah Conservation Sustainable Agriculture and Research Center’, the ‘Arboretum’ prides itself not only on its thriving expanse of in-house flora but other natural features as well, such as an irrigation tank model and a paddy field; the mandate being to educate the little ones on the importance of nature and helps foster respect and love for natural assets of native locale.

General Information

  • The event is open to members of the Funday Times magazine, between 5 and 18 years of age. To register, fill in the coupon found on the magazine’s March 10th, 2019 publication.
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