Fairway Colombo Street Latin Night

As dusk draws in, the first signs of night-long odes to art lights up Hospital Street. As figures from varying artistic fields, professionals and enthuses alike step onto the streets in celebration of art, the humdrum-scapes of Colombo 1 revamp into a burst of colour, energy and talent. Make your way over to the revelry taking shape as 'Fairway Colombo', the name behind the anticipated concept, delivers yet again with a recurring portfolio addition: the 'Fairway Colombo Street Latin Night'.

Why You Should Go

Talent, fine-tuned and levelled-up behind closed doors, slips onto the al fresco stage in delightful routine. A celebration of the much loved dance, birthed on the streets of Latin America, the evening dresses up in the fervour, the dynamics and rambunctious ambience signature of the very art form. Step into the unfolding buzz-spun affair and click along to the resounding beat. Suit up in the twirl-riddled elegance of Salsa, the seamless flow of Bachata or the vivacious call of Kizomba; 'tis a delightful tryst into the world of dance which awaits.

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Mar 12, 2019
Mar 26, 2019


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