Embark Adoption Day

As the resounding barks of the four-legged cut through the air and excited pups curiously gaze at the growing huddle of pet lovers young and old, step amidst the bustle and pick up a bundle of fur, now doubling as your lifelong companion. A long-standing endeavour by 'Embark', an organisation dedicated to the wellbeing of street dogs, the 'Embark Adoption Day' marks a day of discovery and hope, for pups and dogs to find their way to new, caring homes.

Having re-homed an impressive number of 4000+ pups, 'Embark' continues to be a voice for the voiceless. Should you wish to financially contribute to the facilitation of stray dogs and pups, temporarily placed under foster care or to the many initiatives in effect for the medical treatment of dogs physically abused, such donations could be made to the ‘Otara Foundation’.

Why You Should Go

With the events either taking place at the Colombo 7 'Good Market', the Moratuwa ‘K-Zone’ or the Nugegoda ‘Lyceum International School’, 'Embark' strongholds a far-reaching mandate to enrich the lives of the faithful who wander the streets. Now a weekly occurrence to the delight of animal lovers, the 'Embark Adoption Day' brings to the public a number of canines rescued from the streets, from the juvenile pup to the older dog. A home away from the streets is a guaranteed means of longer lifespans for the four-legged, who may otherwise fall victim to puppy mills and factories. Placed for adoption with the necessary sterilisations and vaccinations, pooches from all parts of the isle are brought under one roof as a convenient and faster means of adoption; give a home, give a life.

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Event info

Embark Adoption Day - Ja-Ela

Mar 10, 2019

Embark Adoption Day - Colombo 5

Mar 16, 2019

Embark Adoption Day - Moratuwa

Mar 23, 2019

Embark Adoption Day - Colombo 7

Mar 30, 2019


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