Eat Street CMB

Indeed, surrounded by delectable cuisines and a variety of street food, it does leave one in a right fix as to which stall they should hit first. Wafts of tantalising aromas assault one’s senses, with differing cuisines taking the entire culinary experience to new heights. In addition to the diverse line-up of scrumptious options to choose from, the event brings back the renowned battle between food lovers, the ‘Colombo Eating Challenge’. Drop by ‘Green Path’ and partake in a festival of food, wrapped up in a spectacle of colourful vendors, steaming arrays of goodies and a warm atmosphere of good vibes.

Why You Should Go

Packed with a host of vendors, all pumped up to deliver a diverse line-up of street food, delve into that guilty pleasure you so eagerly hankered for all week. With the street a flurry of action and excitement, revel in the open air and ambience whilst scrumptious servings delight you. Partake in the event’s highlights, with eating challenges galore, where one has to dig in to delicacies as fast as they can. This June, embark on an appetizing journey, with all of your cravings well and truly satisfied right here on ‘Green Path’.

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Jul 13, 2019 - Jul 14, 2019


Food and Drink

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