Big Match Fever 2019

The much anticipated season is finally here and the infectious cricket fever taking over the island knows no bounds. One of the oldest events in the histories of certain schools, a promise of fierce competition and adrenaline-pumping plays, the ‘Big Match’ cricketing encounter is a long lived tradition carried on by generations of students.

With a host of local sports aficianados gearing up to battle it out on the field and students, alumni, staff and parents backing up their Alma Mater with endless cheering and displays of the school colours on giant flags or T-shirts, ‘Big Matches’ make for exhilarating experiences not to be missed.

Generations of past students come together from all parts of the world in a bid to herald the upcoming match with great fanfare. Indulge in the ‘Big Match Fever’ with overwhelmingly large parades of school supporters traversing through the streets either on foot, proudly carrying the school flag or loudly declaring their support from their perch atop car windowsills. A revelry of ‘papare’ music (a type of lively Sri Lankan music) and dance, ‘Big Match Parade’ is a signature mark made by distinguished schools in Sri Lanka, making their participation in the ‘Big Match’ season known to all.

Sri Lanka indeed speaks of a passion for cricket and the heart-racing thrill provided by the game. As the match reaches a turning point and the resounding cheer of the audience fills the air, raise your voice in support of the school you once walked the halls of.

From the isle’s hill capital to the cosmopolitan precinct of Colombo, grandiose Big Matches kick off across country, between varied Alma Maters and student bodies and in line with a sporting tradition long since honoured; here’s a round-up of ‘Big Matches’ and associated events taking place in Sri Lanka, compiled exclusively for you to browse through, slot in and witness 2019’s play on a timeless inter-school event.

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