Beach Clean Up

A much-needed humanitarian venture in aid of the rising number of polluting artifacts littered on the golden shores of Dehiwala, the beach clean-up by ‘House Of Hope’ and ‘Chibby’s Friends’ aims to free the suburban tropics of the isle of litter and strewn debris.

Why You Should Go

From destruction of ecosystems, habitats and organism lifecycles to ocean blockage and marine endangerment, the negative impacts of environmental pollution are vast. Stand with fellow community members in taking a stand against the reckless disregard displayed for natural assets and prong your way through litter, including varied discarded food wrappers and plastic bottles. Make your way over to this coastal event in Colombo and have a hand in ridding the isle of just one, out of many, pollution problems that cause harmful impacts to the environment, the living beings and its overall sustainability.

The information displayed is provided by Beach Clean Up

Event info

Mar 30, 2019


Community and Causes

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