Australia Scholarship Information Day!

A glimpse into the educative streams of Australia's best.

The close of secondary school years brings with it the exciting prospect of locking in on a career path, aptly tying in with the outlined budget, the need and the passion. Choices varying from tertiary education levels and nature to the countries home to the chosen university, demand monetary fixtures of varying scales; meander through to the precinct of Colombo 10 where a session framing out the academic roots, channels and fee waivers of higher education courses, opens its doors: the 'Australia Scholarship Information Day'.

Why You Should Go

Armed with a mandate to bridge the gap between tertiary school education and that of higher, the academic guidance session is additionally spruced up by a comprehensive walk-through of scholarships large and small; plated up for the highest achievers in Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations, the waivers slacken the reins on accommodation, daily expenses or academic fees, key, on foreign shores.

Strong-holding the channels of entry into reputed universities and institutes perched on Australian ground, the session locks in on varying interests with a line-up of courses including hospitality and business management, finance, accounting and law.

The information displayed is provided by Australia Scholarship Information Day!

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