Ananda College vs Nalanda College - 90th Battle of the Maroons

A sporting tradition long since honoured by both Alma Maters since 1924, the Big Match between Ananda College and Nalanda College has seen generation after generation of students compete for the coveted title and trophy, bagging their respective school the honour of either upholding a winning streak or breaking through past defeats with a new, triumphant score. 2019 will see the 90th edition of the match framed out across two Cricketing encounters, drawing in students past and current, parents as well as sporting enthusiasts.

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Having commenced in 1924 with a mandate to enhance the Cricketing abilities of students, the match has since turned out some of the most distinguished Sri Lankan cricketers such as Bandula Warnapura, the test captain and Arjuna Ranatunga who captained the winning team of the 1996 World Cup.

As sportsmen from two of the leading schools on the isle step onto the field for the 2019 edition of 'Battle Of The Maroons', settle back for a game of cricket exhilaratingly played out; the 90th Big Match returns to the grounds of the 'Sinhalese Sports Club' for a 2-day and 1-day face-off between the teams. Bask in cheer-riddled ambience and infectious school spirit as students young and old, clad in vibrant school colours as a display of loyalty, back up their school peers, prepping up for a play which will soon be recorded for years to come.

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