AMDT Festival of Creativity

The revolutionary hub of innovation, the ‘AMDT Festival of Creativity’ will see an emerging community of talent step onto a public platform in showcase of their crafts, moulded under the artful eye of field veterans. Following its 2018 debut in Sri Lanka, the festival bridges the gap between grads of ‘Academy of Design and Multimedia’ (AMDT) and the industry; an open invitation to headhunter and enthuse to step in and scout fresh talent or simply appreciate the art and prowess mastered.

Why You Should Go

The 2019 edition of the festival honours diverse creative scopes; taking place at ‘The Kingsbury Colombo - Sri Lanka’, will be the ‘AMDT Showcase 2019’ where the next creative generation breaks out 80 exhibits, including those of Animation, 3-Dimension, Art, Fashion, Film, Visual Effects (VFX), Photography, Branding, UX and Games. Experience upfront an exclusive line-up prepped for public debut and industrial opportunities.

Talk shows spread out across the Festival duration, key platforms across which leading experts share their insights on the creative industry. Open to members of the public, the shows unfurl at the ‘Academy of Multimedia Design and Technology’.

Stepping onstage of the anticipated ‘AMDT Fashion Show 2019’ will be 14 designers, in debut of their fashion prowess, fine-tuned over the years under Academy mentors. Make your way over to ‘Park Street Mews’ as envisioned designs spring to life on the ramp; a promise of intricate detail and artful finesse.

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