Yapahuwa Rock Fortress

This citadel on a rock was one of the transitory capitals of medieval Sri Lanka.  Of the ancient ruins in the island, Yapahuwa holds remarkable archaeological significance.  Folklore states that the Tooth Relic of the Buddha was housed in this rock fortress for over a decade, during the early 13th century.  Once the citadel was abandoned, it was converted to a Monastery, where monks resided among the ancient ruins.

The ruins of Yapahuwa take a Cambodian, Indian and Chinese style.  The ornamental stairway to the royal palace is surrounded by breathtaking landscape.  Adorning the porch above the steps, one will find stonework decorated with frames of exotic dancers whose movements are intricately detailed that they appear lifelike.

Located in a serene countryside, this fortified wonder that looms over 300 feet echoes of history that is waiting to unfold for those who are willing to explore.

Title image by: Kithuni Katugampola




Culture and Heritage

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