Yala National Park

Best known for its variety of wildlife including the Sri Lankan Elephant, Sri Lankan Leopard and aquatic birds, Yala Wildlife Sanctuary is the second largest national park in Sri Lanka.  This location is a composite of a variety of ecosystems including monsoon forests, Deccan thorn shrub forests, grasslands, wetlands and sandy beaches.

This park that covers 97’900 hectares (979 km2), is watered by streams, tanks, waterholes, rock pools, lagoons and the Kumbukkan Oya and Menik Rivers that run through the sanctuary.  Yala boasts of a rich wildlife which includes 215 bird species, 44 mammals and 47 species of reptiles including the Sri Lankan krait, Sri Lankan flying snake and the painted-lip lizard.  The coastline of Yala attracts all five species of globally endangered sea turtles.  The Park is also known to shelter the highest density of wild leopards in the world!

Title image by: Kimaya Wickrama-Adittiya


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