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The island of Sri Lanka has drawn crowd after crowd to its threshold for its natural beauty and exotic spices.  With a rare combination of ecosystems not only does Sri Lanka boast of a year round spring and summer-like climate it also nurtures a number of visit-worthy attractions for the exploring traveller.  While there is no doubt that there’s much to witness in this land brimmed with noteworthy attractions, one must not be ignorant of the tremendous marine life that this tropical island laced with endless azure ocean possess. 

A crossroad for migrating marine life, Sri Lanka is said to be one of the spectacular locations to observe the oceanic giants.  Of the eighty species of cetaceans that have been identified worldwide, one will be able to spot twenty-six such species off the shores of the pearl of the Indian Ocean.  As the experts mention, Sri Lanka is ranked amongst the foremost destinations in the world to observe the Blue Whales in their natural habitat.  To observe this regal mammoth known to be largest animal to have ever existed, needless to say, is quite a thrilling experience.

Located in the International Whale Commission’s protected zone, Sri Lanka is an ideal location to witness the oceanic nobilities.  Hosting one of the largest gatherings in the world of the largest predator alive, Sri Lanka is an ideal habitat to witness the Sperm Whale.  Apart from these magnificent creatures, those venturing into the oceanic currents also stand the chance of encountering the Bryde’s Whale, Fin Whale and the Killer Whale.

For those awaiting to experience what promises to be, without doubt, a hallmark experience, one should note that these oceanic giants are more common to be sighted during the months of November through April in locations such as Mirissa, Dondra Head and Kalpitiya on the Sothern and North West Coast and June through September at Trincomalee on the East Coast.

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