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One thing that adds to the glamour of the paradise island known as Sri Lanka is its rich culture and heritage.  While there is much to explore, discover and revel in, the cultural variety that Sri Lanka is bestowed with adds a splash of vibrancy and wonder.  With a population that can relate to all major ethnic groups of the world, this scenic island has prominence reserved for Buddhism, Christianity, Islamism and Hinduism.

Laying its cornerstone in the island as far back as the 7th century, Islamic groups established their home in Sri Lanka with the coming of Arab merchants to the island.  With settlements across the island in various locations travellers visiting Sri Lanka have much to explore in the direction of Islam in Sri Lanka.  Visit My Mosque Sri Lanka, an initiative conducted by the Center of Islamic Studies (CIS) along with Discover Islam Bahrain has made this task easier for those who’d like to discover Islamism in Sri Lanka and the impact it has on this nation.

Discover regal edifices that boast of unique architecture.  The artistry that cloaks the mosque demands attention to the detail and finery that it finished with.  With the aid of Visit My Mosque Sri Lanka, one can divulge into the artistic beauty and significance of mosques’ across Sri Lanka.  In addition to this one participating in such tour also benefits from rare knowledge such as the behind the scenes perspectives of the Islamic religion.  This is will not only give one a clear awareness to the faith but also clear common misconception about this faith that has practised through ages.

Curious to find about iconic mosques, such as the Akbar Mosque in Kew Gardens or the great Red Mosque known as the Sammankot Mosque that dominates the shopping precinct of Pettah?  Visit My Mosque Sri Lanka promises this and much more. 

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Culture and Heritage

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