Viharamahadevi Park and Town Hall

The only central park in the city of Colombo, Viharamahadevi Park, formerly known as Victoria Park, is a recreational space for relaxation, leisure, fun and play.  A much-loved leisure retreat in the city, the park is a haven for bliss for the entire family.

There used to be three main entrances to the park: the main entrance that faces the Colombo Municipal Council where a large Buddha statue and a long pool of water replete with fountains await visitors, the other directly opposite Park Street and the third next to the Public Library.  Given the fact that the park no longer has fencing, walk-ins can be made from anywhere, which is part of the fun.

The park is scenic and picturesque with luscious green grass, age-old magnificent trees, smoothly paved pathways and pleasant seating spaces made of timber and concrete.  The elegant daytime park turns into a romantic, magical space with beautifully lit lamp posts all around, as dusk falls.

The park also houses a World War Memorial, situated at the southern end of the facility.  The memorial consists of Greek columns that emulate ancient architecture.  This remarkable monument was built to pay tribute to both Sri Lankan and European soldiers who perished in the War.

Another popular attraction of the park is the wobbly suspension bridge that is quite exhilarating to walk on while peering down at the lake.  Ample seating space is available around the lake, from which the bridge and scenic surroundings can be enjoyed.

Other attractions include pony rides at the far right end of the park and a secure and large play area for children with thrilling rides and other play equipment which includes a large play house, swing sets, mat slides and tunnels dug through mini hills for little children to crawl through.  Additionally, the park also facilitates a beautiful rock aquarium that houses a variety of small fish, baby turtles and lobsters.

Located opposite the park’s wide expanse, a relatively recent addition to this legendary space is its Amphitheatre which is now widely used for open-air concerts, exhibitions and other events.

Another feature tied closely to Viharamahadevi Park is the picturesque and magnificent Town Hall building that can be seen from the main entrance to the park.  A place where impacting administrative decisions are made pertaining to the metropolis, the Town Hall was built within a time span of four years from 1924 to 1928.  The structure projects elaborate and elegant neoclassical architecture.  Functioning as the headquarters of the Colombo Municipal Council, Town Hall houses admin staff and trained professionals who assist the public with official matters falling under the jurisdiction of the Colombo Municipal Council.  Additionally, it also serves as the official chambers of the Mayor of Colombo.

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