Turtle Watching

The southern coast of Sri Lanka is blessed warm tropical weather and ideal natural habitat for turtle nesting.  The island shelters five of the seven species found in the world.  A nightly visit to the beaches will occasionally reward one with a glimpse of this rare sight.

As darkness falls, the expectant mother turtle waddles towards shore looking for the perfect spot to lay her eggs.  She chooses a safe haven in the warm dry sand and follows the rituals of nesting that her mother and ancestors before her did on the very same coast.  Once the eggs are laid, she vigorously covers them in sand, hiding them away from predators.

Around 60 days after these eggs are laid (between 80 to 100), young turtles will come out of their chambers and surface through the writhing sand during the night.  These hatchlings will make their way to the ocean waddling with their unused flippers.  The sight of hundreds of baby sea turtles making their way towards their oceanic home is quite a spectacular sight.

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