Turtle Hatchery

The sandy shores of Sri Lanka dotted with baby sea turtles making their way to the ocean is a sight to behold.  Sea turtles are a rare species and they are currently facing the threat of extinction today.  Of the seven species of sea turtles found in the world, Sri Lanka provides refuge to five.

Turtle hatcheries are now established in the western, southwestern and southern coast of the island to ensure that these creatures thrive under trying circumstances.  The turtle hatcheries act as a daycare for the newborn turtles.

Once the female turtle lays eggs on the coast and returns back to the ocean, her eggs are collected and placed in secure habitat, away from wild animals and poachers.  When these eggs are hatched, the hatchlings are placed in water tanks.  Here the baby sea turtles are taken care of and released on the shore so that they can wade into the water.

A turtle hatchery is a rare opportunity to bond with these adorable creatures and if visited at the opportune moment, one might even get a chance to release a baby sea turtle into the water.

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