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Sri Lanka has been bestowed with breathtaking natural beauty throughout the island.  From the coastal belt to the hill country there is much to observe and revel in.  Travel by rail gives one the opportunity to truly absorb the country’s scenery in a ‘good ole’ fashioned way’!

The government railway network, ‘Sri Lanka Railways,’ was initiated in 1864 during the colonial period.  The railway tracks that were set in place during this era are still used to this day.  In addition to the government railway network, private initiative, Expo Rail was established in 2011 and offers train travel to several destinations including in the Hill Country and East Coast. These trains are fully restored, wooden panelled carriages that are air conditioned with comfortable seating coupled with luggage and sanitary bathroom facilities.

The Colombo to Badulla route is said to be the most scenic train ride in Sri Lanka, so one must make sure the journey does not lull him or her to sleep!  Travellers are sure to experience the change of environment from the coastal lowlands to the misty hill country with a climb of more than 6000 feet above sea level.

Here's a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the glories of Sri Lanka, ranging from dramatic landscapes and lush tea plantations to majestic peaks and enchanting waterfalls.

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