Pettah Shopping Precinct

Conveniently located on the east of Colombo Fort, ‘Pettah Market’ as it is popularly known, is an open air platform for a wide variety of shops and bazaars that offer any item a shopper could possibly want.  It is also the busiest commercial hub in Sri Lanka, where banks, restaurants, hotels, government offices and many other businesses operate from.

The name ‘Pettah’ is derived from an Anglo-Indian word used to indicate a suburb exterior to a fort.  At present, it is commonly known as ‘pita-kotuwa’ (outside the fort) in the local dialect.  Being home to multi-religious and multi-ethnic communities, Pettah is an ethnically diverse area that holds several prominent religious and ethnic landmarks inclusive of the Wolvendaal Church, Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque, Kayman’s Gate, Old Town Hall, Colombo Dutch Museum and the Khan Clock Tower, which was built by the Khan family of Bombay.

At Pettah, shoppers can buy all they need from one location (provided they are willing to explore on foot) ranging from clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, footwear, vegetables, fruit, various types of food, toys, keys, phones and related devices, computers, electronics to glassware, stationery, even printing of wedding cards or invitations, books and quite literally, everything under the sun.

If arriving by vehicle, parking is available at the parking lot near Khan clock tower.  Wearing comfortable clothing and plenty of drinking water will keep shoppers refreshed as they travel through the busy streets.

Grab the best deals at bargain prices, whilst enjoying a touch of Sri Lankan open air shopping at Pettah.

Title image by: Dilantha Weerasinghe




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