Nine Arch Bridge

The central hills of Sri Lanka is a breathtaking experience not only to the locals but to anyone who visits this paradise island.  With untamed terrain covered in lush exotic verdure, one can get lost in the sheer beauty of these misty regions and the plethora of attractions it offers to its explorers.

Similar to the iconic Glenfinnan Viaduct of Scotland, Sri Lanka boasts of its own exotic bridge visited by many, known as the Nine Arch Bridge or the Ahas Namaye Palama in the vernacular, which means the bridge of nine skies.  This construction is a sight to behold.

Connecting two steep descents between Demodara and Ella, the Nine Arch Bridge, though as not as expansive as its sibling in Scotland, has its own unique feature that sets it apart from the rest.  How the bridge was built is a tale in itself.

This bridge that draws a crowd on a regular basis to its threshold was built during the same timeline as the World War I.  Owing to the fact that the steel that was consigned to build this structure could not be supplied as a result of the ongoing war, the building of this cross over that will aid transportation within the hill country became problematic.  As a result the villagers of the area stepped forward to build it with bricks and stones.  To this day this picturesque bride stands strong without any steel aiding.

At an elevation of approximately 3100 feet above sea level, this regal bridge that takes one back to the colonial times stands close to 100 feet tall.  One must stand at the foot of the bridge to witness the splendid sight of the nine arches that appears to be nine portals to heaven.

Title image by: Jehan Gamalathge




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