Independence Memorial Hall

Located in the heart of Colombo, the Independence Memorial Hall stands amongst the sprawling green lawns of the Independence Square.  This memorial hall was built to commemorate the independence of Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) from British rule in 1948.

This monumental hall designed by Tom Neville Wynne-Jones served as the assembly hall of the Senate and the House of Representatives of colonial Ceylon until the parliament was shifted to the Old Parliament Building (opposite Galle Face Green, now the Presidential Secretariat) in Colombo.

The Independence Square takes on the ancient architectural structure of the Royal Audience Hall known as the Magul Maduwa (celebration hall) of the Kandyan Kingdom.  Made up of bare columns and pillars, this structure carries the traditional Sri Lankan designs and stone carvings.  A highlight of the premises are the rows of stone sculptured lions set around the hall.

Beneath this glorious edifice lies a museum that echoes with stories of individuals who played pivotal roles in rebellions and cultural revivals that led to the gaining of independence from the British Empire.  The Museum’s display from glass encased weaponry to personal diaries will give one a glimpse into the past that has resulted in what Sri Lanka is today.

Erected amongst the picturesque verdure, the Independence Memorial Hall may appear as a structure simply pleasing to the eye, yet this intricate stone structure is a reflection of a tale that has moulded the country and changed its history.

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