Hummanaya Blow Hole

Located off the South Coast beyond Matara and Dickwella, in a small fishing hamlet called Kudawella is Sri Lanka’s only natural oceanic blow hole, the second largest in the world!  In the vernacular, the meaning of the word is the distance a ‘hoo’ sound can travel, as the force of the water blown skywards creates a sustained roar heard for miles around.

This spectacular feature is caused by a long fissure in the rock formation at the base of a boulder, causing columns of water to shoot up to incredible heights of 82 to 98 feet in rough winds and high seas and a more sedate fountain in calm seas.  At low tide, there is still an incessant gushing and rushing in and around the fractured rock, making this a natural tourist attraction during any time of the year. 

A visitors’ information centre and safe viewing platform have recently been constructed, making this splendid display a must-see, unforgettable experience, even though the climb up the rock surface might deter some!  In such instances, a ferry service is also available to take visitors close to the turbulent waters, in order to view this splendid spectacle at sea level, up close and personal.

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