Hamilton Canal

A picturesque flow of water flowing through the busy city of Colombo to the fishing metropolis of Negombo is in its essence the summary of Hamilton Canal.  An ideal location to relax while enjoying the other attractions of the site, the canal radiates natural beauty that is in harmony with the elegance of man-made infrastructures of bridges.

Built by the British colonisers between the period of 1802 – 1804, with the intention of transporting fresh, local produce such as cloves, cardamom, areca nuts and cinnamon from Colombo to Negombo, the Hamilton Canal was named after Garvin Hamilton, the British Agent of Revenue and Commerce at the time.

This spectacular canal is located on the west of the Old Dutch Canal, in close proximity to the sea.  Finding its origin from the mouth of the Kelani River at Hekitta and flowing to the southern edge of the lagoon of Negombo at Pamunugama, the waterway measures a distance of 47,572 feet (14.5 kilometres).

Eye-catching lotuses under palm trees and mangroves at the northern tip of the water channel and coconut trees along the banks of the canal offer breathtaking views and are a treat for photographers.  Being one of the most photographed places in Colombo, the stretch serves as an ideal locality for peaceful leisure.  With bright and colourful lights adorning the area after sunset, night snapshots have proven to successfully encapsulate the resplendent beauty of the locale.  A range of street food can also be indulged in while capturing the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

A key highlight of the canal are the boat rides offered from Colombo to Negombo.  Vessels can be booked from many different locations, along the expanse of the waterway, making it an added advantage for visitors.

Another central point of interest of this seaway is its famous “waters meet,” where the river meets the deep blue sea.  One of nature’s most glorious treasures, the sight draws many locals and foreigners to view this amalgamation.

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