Galle Face Green

Set under the majestic vast expanse of azure heavens, overlooking the shimmering blues of the Indian Ocean, this magnificent promenade is a sight to behold.  Initially known by the Dutch as the 'Gal Gate Faas' meaning the fortification faced towards Galle (which later became ‘Galle Face Green’), this layout was established by the Dutch in the 1800s as a strategic placement for cannons against approaching enemies.  Bordering the waves colliding with rocks and erupting into a frothy foam, these historic cannons can be seen at the Green to this day.

Located in the heart of Colombo, Galle Face Green served as a racecourse during the colonial era.  It later accommodated golfing, cricket, polo, tennis and football and also hosted the first rugby match in Ceylon.

Today, this open stretch of land sandwiched between Galle Road and the spectacular ocean, against a backdrop of the impressive skyline of metropolitan Colombo, is frequented by families, teenagers, kite flyers, picnickers, lovers and merrymakers.  Speckled with food vendors that serve up an interesting variety of spicy Sri Lankan street food, this venue is capable of evoking both a sense of calm serenity and stimulating memories.

Whilst two of the oldest and most prominent luxury hotels in Sri Lanka, The Galle Face Hotel and The Kingsbury are situated on either end of this 5-hectare expanse, the Galle Face Green boasts of breathtaking sunsets that light up the skies in a riot of unbelievable, glorious colour.

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