The Floating Market

As the name suggests, the Floating Market is a unique space that offers a wide range of products from under one roof, while sitting next to the iconic Beira Lake.  The shopping mall is a series of pavilions constructed next to the lake to house over 90 stalls, some of which are in boats.

Conveniently located in the heart of Colombo, in close proximity to the Pettah Bus Station and Fort Railway Station, the Floating Market is an eye-catching shopping destination.  Shoppers can enter this marketplace without an entrance fee, from either the east or west end, while parking facilities are made available at the east end.

Here shoppers have access to a wide variety of items from clothing and footwear to electronics, fresh produce and varied types of food, making shopping a great recreational activity.

What sets apart the Floating Market from other shopping malls in the country is its unique and spectacular ambience and location.  The breathtaking view of the soothing Beira Lake and water fountains, combined with the cool breeze, creates the perfect atmosphere for outdoor shopping.

The evening, in particular, creates a stunning atmosphere with the rays of the setting sun flooding into the shopping space, along with the refreshing breeze that brushes against shoppers who are enjoying their shopping, eating a snack at the food court or simply relaxing at the attractive mini-park with seating spaces located next to the railway tracks.

Shoppers can also enjoy boat rides in wooden boats at the east end on weekends and indulge in the wholesome shopping experience offered at the Floating Market!

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