Dolphin Watching

Embarking on a journey in the ocean to watch the jovial dolphins leaping above the surface of the water can be quite a thrilling experience.  In Sri Lanka, a land graced with multitudes of attractions and activities for one to indulge in, dolphin watching is another additional excitement.  These fun loving creatures can be spotted at a number of locations such as Kalpitya, Mirissa, Dondra Head and Trincomalee in Sri Lanka.

Found to be amongst the most intelligent animals in the world, dolphins are known to be social and playful creatures.  With an appearance of an ever-grinning face, one cannot help but simply fall in love with, dolphin watching can be quite an addictive pastime.  Known move about the cerulean ocean in pods, at times merging pods to create superpods, those venturing into the turquoise ocean has the benefit of seeing not just one or two of these creatures but schools of them.

Sri Lanka is fortunate to shelter a number of species of these migrating mammals from bottlenose, spotted, stripped and spinner dolphins to Fraser’s and Risso’s dolphins.  The spinner dolphins, in particular, are a sight to behold, for not only can one see them vaulting through the oceanic surface but observe them as they spin midair before taking the plunge back into the water.

If endeavouring to observe the oceanic acrobats in the coasts of Sri Lanka it is best to do so during the months of November through April on the South and North Western Coast and the East Coast from June through September.  While at it do keep a look out of those unique bubble rings that dolphins are famous for making underwater.

Title image by: Sri Lanka Navy


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