Colombo National Museum

The National Museum of Colombo, also known as Sri Lanka National Museum is the largest museum in Sri Lanka.  This treasure trove housed in a magnificent example of Italian architecture is maintained by the Department of National Museums of the Central Government.

The museum has a vast collection of antiques and artefacts such as the regalia of the island including the throne and crown of the Kandyan monarchs, relics of ancient Kingdoms, intricate jewellery and an array of royal weaponry.

Within the museum premises, one will find the National Museum of Natural History (the only museum in the country solely dedicated to natural history) and a Library maintained by the Museum comprising of a vast collection of rare historical books and chronicles.

Established on the 1st of January 1877, the National Museum of Colombo was founded by Sir William Henry Gregory, the British Governor of Sri Lanka during this period.  While it first opened its gates to the public with a mere 800 items on display, today its collection has increased to over 100,000.

Visit Sri Lanka’s most prestigious, oldest and largest museum and unveil the whisperings of an epic story that spans a period of over 2,500 years within its walls.

Title image by: Yohan Perera


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