Ceylon Motor Yacht Club

The Ceylon Motor Yacht Club is ideally located on the banks of the scenic Bolgoda Lake.  This club situated just 30minutes away from Colombo is the ideal venue for those looking to enjoy the activity of sailing or motor boating.  Reputed as a haven of tranquillity the Ceylon Motor Yacht Club with its meticulously maintained lawn and old-style clubhouse overlooks a lake engulfed with a magnificent array of tropical flora and fauna sure to interest any visitor.  The Ceylon Motor Yacht Club is an exclusive member club whereby access to non-members is by invitation only. 

With a wide array of activities to engage in the Ceylon Motor Yacht Club has since its inception in 1929 served as a popular clubhouse for its members and guests.  The traditional Sunday race is an interesting activity one can partake in where contenders of varied age groups enjoy an afternoon of sailing.  A very family orientated venue with a special social atmosphere its members often organise a potluck lunch following the race where people get the opportunity to eat, drink, relax and unwind in an ideal setting.

With the skills on site at the Yacht Club, one can even engage in boat building or upgrade a craft utilising the fixtures available at the venue’s very own boatique.  With an exhilarating array of activities to engage in and a cool bunch of people to meet and mingle with, the Ceylon Motor Yacht Club promises a day well spent in the great outdoors.  

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