A popular, trendy fashion and clothing store for women, Aviraté has made its mark in the fashion industry of Sri Lanka.  Aviraté is well-known for its signature and classic collections as they are inspired by the latest global fashion trends and addresses all the needs and requirements of the modern day woman.

Known as a lifestyle fashion brand, Aviraté offers a complete range of ladies clothing items to choose from.  Ranging from day and evening wear, the store offers a wide array of dresses, pants, skirts, tops, lingerie, accessories and footwear.  Customers also have the option of purchasing Aviraté gift vouchers at the store and gifting them to loved ones.

For the convenience of customers, Aviraté has its products in several retail stores, apart from its main store in Colombo 7.  Those who do not have the time to physically shop at these outlets can purchase their clothing and fashion items online via the Aviraté website.

The excellent quality of Aviraté’s clothing and fashion items has already taken it to Europe, North America and the Middle East, where it continues to expand its high-end fashion brand.

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