Adisham Hall

Located in the beautiful misty mountains of Haputale, Adisham Bungalow is a place like no other.  This Tudor-styled Elizabethan Manor which was built by the British Nobleman Sir Thomas Lister Villiers in 1931, serves as a monastery for Benedictine monks.

After taking a short drive from the city of Haputale, guests will be greeted by the most picturesque venue of the Uva Province.  This surrealistic scene, as if cropped right out of an English novel from an entirely different century altogether, is what greets visitors at this location.  Set behind the dark picket fence facing sprawling verdant lawns stands the stone-walled bungalow of Adisham.

In addition to the dark granite walls that hold a treasure trove within them, one magnificent wing of the bungalow displays a panoramic view of the scenic Uva valley, while the remaining outdoors of the monastery remain a treat to one’s eyes.  The lush lawns, flowerbeds and orchards at this manor are coloured with enchanting roses, orchids, delectable strawberries, apples and Victorian plums that flourish under the tropical sun and misty weather.

Needless to say that the Adisham Bungalow is a must visit attraction in Sri Lanka.  Governor Williams did a splendid job in recreating his childhood home in Kent.

Title image by: Jehan Gamalathge


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