7 Degrees North

Securing its title as one of Colombo’s oldest bars, ‘7 Degrees North,’ still holds the charm to attract and secure the hearts of customers.  Conveniently located at one of Colombo’s blissfully luxurious hotels, Cinnamon Lakeside, the place is home to a picturesque backdrop by the breathtaking Beira Lake.

Specialising in Mediterranean cuisine, the eatery offers delectable platters of exquisite starters, mains, tapas and desserts, carefully prepared by an experienced and skilled Spanish chef and his enthusiastic team.  Here, authentic and rich flavours are beautifully combined to suit varied tastes of guests, making each bite a morsel of delight and pleasure.

Home to a well-stocked bar with cocktails, beer, whisky among other alcoholic beverages, the drink section at the restaurant has a uniquely diverse selection.  The venue is particularly enjoyed by working professionals to unwind with their friends after a tiresome day of work, over a few rounds of drinks.

Popularly known for its al fresco dining setting, 7 Degrees North sits overlooking the lake that paints a picturesque backdrop at sunset.  With a wooden floor, comfy black chairs, simple yet elegant table décor and bright coloured standing lanterns placed in abstract positions for a splash of vibrancy against the natural setting, the outdoor terrace is an ideal location for a casual gathering over dinner or for an intimate meal with a special someone.  For patrons preferring an enclosed setting, the restaurant also offers a spacious and classy indoor venue with formal seating arrangements, ample décor and soothing lighting.

In addition to the already existing exciting features is the highlight of it all is The Foot Aqua Lounge.  The only bar in the country to open out a sitting area allowing visitors to wet their feet in the cooling water at the shallow end of the pool, while indulging in the culinary delights placed before them.

To top it all off is the excellent and highly professional service, that ensures utmost care and hospitality for each customer, from the time of arrival up to the completion of the dining experience.

A special beverage offer on selected drinks awaits clients from 5pm-12 pm on a daily basis.  Guests can also sip any concoction they can possibly dream of upon requesting from the bartender.  Weekends, on the other hand, find the place transforming into a locale of energy with lively music, making it an irresistible atmosphere for fun lovers.

Title image by: Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts


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