Villa 49

The luxurious private home of ‘Villa 49’ is embedded into the mountainous landscape of Kandy. A drive of 4 hours from Colombo will take you to this gem of a villa, tucked a stone’s throw away from the Kandy Lake.

Best Known For

Folded as if in a garment of serenity, ‘Villa 49’ is comfortably, yet tastefully appointed with modern facilities. The airy rooms are decorated in wooden accents which give it the flavour of an elegant old home. Fantastic, off-beat heirlooms bob from olden cupboards adding a timeless appeal.

The Experience

The spaces at ‘Villa 49’ are a celebration of quaint designs. Rooms are adorned in vibrant oranges, browns and yellows which is an unmistakable token of the quintessential Kandyan Art. Quirky knickknacks that look like they jumped from a century-old Kandyan home and curious paintings on walls beautify the rooms. Spacious beds are placed with crisp linen.

Little flower pots begem the old-fashioned garden of the villa where time seems to stand still. Sink down into the chairs placed on the rooftop terrace and lap up a cup of Ceylon tea as the hills roll into a panoramic video clip just for you. Go after Western and Sri Lankan flavours at the restaurant of the villa.

Around and About

Strip upon strip of towering green mountains slice through the eerie, caressing mists. Amidst these hills, the city of Kandy reposes the golden dream of its cultural splendour. The Temple of Tooth that houses the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha benedicts the former hill capital. During the month of August, the glorious Esala Perahera takes to the streets, piercing the stillness of the hills with a myriad of ravishing cultural dances, lavishly- outfitted elephants, radiance of fire crackers and torches and the cascading music of traditional instruments. A truly Kandyan way to soak in the serenity of the city is to amble along the Kandy Lake in the dusk, admiring the view. Head over to the Ceylon Tea Museum in Hantana and skim through the magic of an old tea factory as a guide shines a light on the story of Ceylon tea. Rinse your worn-out soul in the colours and fragrances of the Royal Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya that is sprinkled with flowers, herbs, plants and spices.

It’s tea time at ‘Villa 49’. The aroma of savouries and warmly-brewed tea draws you to the rooftop terrace. The moment you come in, you are arrested by the view: hills materialize out of drifting hazes. For a moment, you forget about the tea that makes swirls in porcelain cups…

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24 Hour Reception

A/C in all Rooms

Mini Refrigerator in all Rooms

Free Wi-Fi

Free Parking

Restaurant serving Sri Lankan and Western Cuisine

TV/ Cable TV in all Rooms

Rooftop Terrace

Guided Tours at Reasonable Rates

Airport Shuttle at Reasonable Rates



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