Trinco Blu

Facing celestial pristine sands that entice one to take a barefoot stroll on the beach, and the spellbinding turquoise waters that are endlessly captivating, Trinco Blu is a paradise gateway anyone would yearn for.  This blissful resort built in the 60’s carries a classic retro design with bleached wooden interior rendered with splashes of blue and radiant orange.

Trinco Blu is recreation at its best.  The spectacular pool facing the endless ocean makes a simple idyllic dip in the pool a whole new experience.  This resort by the sea gives one the opportunity of indulging in a host of adrenaline-inducing water sports such as jet-skiing, windsurfing and body boarding, in addition to thrilling whale and dolphin-watching expeditions.  As for the culinary experience, the hotel provides a riot of flavours combining seafood and fusion cuisine.

The soft gentle breezes, calm ocean, mesmerising kaleidoscopic skies that light up in deep orange, purple and yellow with the majestic sun rising from the horizon is the glorious morning greeting that Trincomalee brings!  Whisking one away from the bustle of urban living, the hotel brings to one the lap of luxury and comfort.

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